To make your application process as efficient as possible, please review the following which summarizes important information you will need to know to properly complete the forms in the application package.

What’s included in the application package?

• Application for Admission—please upload a photo of yourself
• 2 Medical Forms—1 to be filled out by you and 1 to be filled out by your doctor, and uploaded.
Your application will only be processed once all three of these forms are received.

Housing and Accommodations

Machon L’Yahadus students who wish to live in the warmth and excitement of the Crown Heights Lubavitch community have a number of options. Students who wish to study full-time and are age 25 or younger can apply to live in our dormitory. Students who are above age 25, or who will not be studying full-time, or who do not wish to commit to the requirements of dorm life can find apartments to rent in the Crown Heights neighborhood.

Student Visas (foreign students only)

Machon L’Yahadus will assist foreign students who have been accepted to study full-time in Machon L’Yahadus for at least 1 year to obtain a student visa. We will notify you of any additional government fees or information required.

Tuition, Fees, and Scholarships

There is a $25 application fee. Click here to pay fee.

Upon acceptance to Machon L’Yahadus, the students will receive tuition forms. There is a scholarship form available upon request for tuition and dormitory fees (room and board). Machon L’Yahadus offers need-based scholarships (when available) to qualifying students. Machon L’Yahadus is proud to accept everyone regardless of financial ability. Students awarded scholarships must adhere to terms in order to remain eligible.

The name and photo associated with your Google account will be recorded when you upload files and submit this form.