Is there a minimum time commitment to the Machon L’Yahadus program? 

We encourage students to spend at least one semester studying full-time at Machon L’Yahadus. Our Fall semester begins in September and our Spring semester at the end of January. However, we do accept students at various times throughout the year, even in the middle of a semester. We also welcome students who are only able to study for a few weeks through our Taste of Yeshiva, Winter Program and Post Semester Program.

Am I eligible to live in the dormitory?

Women between the ages of 18 and 25 who are studying in our full-time program are eligible to live in the dormitory. A minimum three month commitment is required to be considered for the dorm.

What kind of housing is available if I do not live in the dorm?

Machon L’Yahadus students who do not live in the dormitory usually live in shared apartments with 1-3 other young women. Apartment options In Crown Heights run the full gamut from pre-furnished, shared-bedroom basements to brand new, luxury apartments. We try to help our students network to find a suitable place to live within their price range.

How do I apply to Machon L’Yahadus?

Please download and fill out our forms here.  Your application will be processed by our administration, and once it is approved we will be in touch with you to set up an interview.  We do arrange phone interviews for overseas students.

Does Machon L’Yahadus have a track for beginners?

Yes, we welcome beginners!  Our level one track accommodates beginning level students in all Torah subjects. Our Personal Prep Mechina program helps students for whom the beginners level classes are not basic enough. Teachers are also always available to aid beginners students in their integration and adjustment at Machon L’Yahadus.

Do I need to know Hebrew?

No, knowledge of Hebrew is not necessary.  All of our classes are conducted in English, and our text-based learning always incorporates translations.  Our Chumash classes encourage students to work on their Hebrew skills, and our level one class is designed for beginners.

Are scholarships offered?

Yes, we have scholarships available and we are committed to tailoring the scholarship and tuition package to fit students’ individual needs and circumstances.

Are there extra-curricular activities?

Yes! Almost every evening in the dormitory there are extra-curricular programs that are open to all students. We encourage students to get involved in activities they find most interesting such as:

  • Volunteering for organizations in the community
  • Organizing Shabbatons to Morristown, Niagara Falls, Baltimore, etc
  • Planning gatherings for special dates in the Jewish calendar as well as birthdays of students
  • Traveling on Sundays around the New York area and incorporating mivtzoim

How are Shabbos meals organized?

The Machon L’Yahadus dormitory hosts one Shabbos meal each month. All students, including non-dorm students, are welcome to join this meal. Our madrichot help students set up meals with families in the community for all of the other Shabbosim and for the Jewish holidays.  Crown Heights is known for its hospitality, and getting to know different families and how they run their homes is an integral part of the Machon L’Yahadus experience.

Does Machon L’Yahadus offer a health insurance plan?

Machon L’Yahadus does not offer a health insurance plan. We urge all students coming from overseas to purchase health insurance in their home countries. Any student who attends Machon L’Yahadus with a pre-existing condition is required to have health insurance coverage in order to be accepted to the school. Local Crown Heights doctors are willing to see Machon L’Yahadus students at a reduced rate when the need arises.

Is there a meal plan?

A simple, self-serve breakfast is offered in the dorm. Lunch is served in school, and students as well as teachers enjoy sitting and eating together during the lunch break. Dinner is in the dormitory; arrangements can be made by non-dorm students to eat dinner in the dorm. Throughout the day there are fruit and snacks, coffee and tea available for students as well. An effort is made to have gluten-free and vegetarian options at all meals. A student kitchen in the dorm allows for dorm students who are on very restricted diets to prepare their own food.

Who comprises the student body of Machon L’Yahadus?

Machon L’Yahadus attracts an international student body. This year’s students hailed from Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Spain, France, Australia, South Africa, Israel, Moldova, Russia, Canada, and throughout the United States. Many of this year’s students held degrees or had careers in fields as diverse as accounting, law, esthetics, education, art, music, international business and even a soldier in US National Guard. Although the dormitory is exclusively for students age 18-25 there are always a number of students in their late 20s and early 30s. One thing Machon L’Yahadus students all have in common is their desire to study Torah in an open, honest, respectful environment.