“Machon L’Yahadus is a place where I can grow, explore, and learn surrounded by amazing teachers and students. But even more, we’re given the TOOLS to INCLUDE OUR FAMILIES.”
Risa Mond, President CTeen

Machon L'Yahadus gave me the oppurtunity to  strengthen my Yiddishkeit, make LIFE LONG FRIENDSHIPS, and increase in my study of Torah and performance of Mitzvos. Miriam Goodman. University of Pittsburgh

“It is more than just a school of text learning. It is a family, a place of growth, a SCHOOL FOR LIFE. ”
Tal Portal, Vassar College

“Machon L’Yahadus is THE REAL DEAL.  The truth is put in front of you and touches your soul in a way very deep way that can only propel you in the right direction.”
Sandra Bram, CSUN

"I spent approximately 18 years in the public school system and learned little about life. I spent a few months in Machon L'Yahadus and learned what it truly means to live."  Ahuva Kaplan, University of Miam


Our student was SO HAPPY, she took to the learning like a fish in water.”
Rabbi Shmuel Lieberman, Chabad @ Hofstra

We love partnering with Machon L'Yahadus to help our students advance in their Yiddishkeit. We are able to see how our girls are NURTURED and how they grow tremendously. There is amazing COMMUNICATION and support between the staff and the shluchos, whim makes it comforting and secure to send our students there. We are confident when they go they will be treated with warmth and love and have an incredible POSITIVE JEWISH EXPEREINCE. Manya Lazaroff. Chabad @ Texas A&M University

“The LEVEL OF LEARNING as well as the care and dedication of the staff has been really great.”
Rabbi Shmuel Tiechtel, ASJew 

Students acquired DEPTH and breadth of knowledge...and have grown in ways unimagined. Bracha Leeds, Chabad @ UC Berkeley

“Tremendously warm and supportive, NON-JUDGMENTAL environment.”
Rivka Greenberg, Chabad Muhlenberg

“An INCREDIBLE place…the girls are supported and NURTURED on their journey.”
Rivka Rochel Liberow, Chabad Student Center, Boca

The girls appreciated the expert teachers and the supportive community of the school and dorm. All of our concerns and theirs were handled in the most PROFESSIONAL, prompt yet LOVING way.”
Chava Schmidt, Lubavitch House at Penn